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  • inbound & outbound traffic management

  • 100% process automation

  • AI i voice recognition systems

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  • voice-lead generation

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invoCALL tools bring a revolution in communication with your potential or current customer.

We make hundreds of thousands phone calls, we improve IVR processes, we can reduce the customer’s path to your company - and we don't involve any single of your employee.

And this is just an introduction to our innovative dedicated technologies.


invoCALL - effective outbound

Verification of customer needs - is it one of the most important information your company is looking for? Thanks to invoCALL you can verify the intentions of tens of thousands of your customers or new leads even in a few hours. By implementing invoCALL technology, you can be sure that you will increase your work efficiency. Don't wait, price your first campaign with invoCALL.


invoIVR -
inteligent IVR's

Frustration on the helpline after X (or even XX) minutes of waiting and listening to the annoying melody? This unpleasant feeling affects both the calling customer and the company that customer cannot reach. With invoIVR you will avoid a situation in which your customer cannot break through the hotline. No traffic queuing, no busy signal, no melodies in the customer's handset - and that's just the beginning and basic functions of our technology.


invoLEARN -
work rating system

invoLEARN is a tool for analyzing and evaluating the work of your sales managers based on the most effective sales scripts. Thanks to learning and AI planning, you can independently improve the Call Center department based on the conversations of your sales reps and clients - to evaluate and even train in effective conversations in the future.


invoCRM -
update and collect data

invoCRM will never forget to confirm the meeting or to make a call with a birthday wishes to your client. If your employee does not enter data in a given record, invoCRM will automatically call the customer and ask for missing data - code, order number, customer availability and others. invoCRM is also an automatic data system, it can update any fields in CRM so that your employees can do something more creative.


invoLEAD -
voice landig pages

Regardless of the size, width and complexity of web forms, thanks to invoLEAD you are able to enable your clients to complete data by the advanced voice form. One click is enough for our technology to connect with your client and ask / receive all the required data. Voice landingpage is very easy to implement, also your customer have chance to fill data using only voice.


invoASSIST -
always answer the call

Meet the dedicated invoASSIST service - a virtual assistant who will service the clients calling you when your hands are busy with work or you cannot talk right now. Always and anytime - when you are not working, you are on holiday, it is "after hours", you talk to someone else or you just have ebough for today - invoASSIST is an ideal solution not only for single experts, but also for large enterprises and individuals. Contact us so we can show more advantages.


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         2. Lead generation

3. Traffic and Intent validation

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We optimize processes
softwarehouse competences

We know that technology that facilitates or optimizes work and processes in your company is a necessary technology you must have. InvoCALL tools are advanced solutions based on artificial intelligence that we implement in your company's processes - even within a few hours. We are a team of experts with extensive experience in developing international systems - IT, AI, call center and automation processes = we can optimize every process you can (or can't) imagine.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
machines learn from people

InvoCALL technology analyzes information from conversations with clients to improve sales processes. invoCALL can also make automated phone calls using the voice of your consultants. Technology recognizes the speech (Speech to Text) and makes decisions in line with the client's response. Automatically makes decisions when the customer expresses such interest - it will callback, if the customer expects it.

Innovative technologies
higher level automation

Tens of thousands of sales conversations during the day? Heating a large volume of cold database? invoCALL will do the work for you. Our fully automatic technology will not only implement the campaign, but will prepare a full report with the responses given by the client, taking further actions (liveforward to CC, sending information, automatic appointment of a call at a different time and many other self-marketing actions).

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Our trusted Partners

Your company expects more?


We implement invoAGENT technology, which is completely independent from employees, using a real voice. How? In your office, our telephone will be installed first, the salesperson will make sales calls with it, after a month of work, you can start working in invoAGENT technology whenever your employee is unavailable or when the number of calls to be made exceeds employee physical capabilities.

invo  PRO


Advanced verification of phone numbers in your database before making a call? Yes, it's possible thanks to invoPRE. The telephone number is an information knowledge base, even before you call - with invoPRE you can find out when the contact from your database has answered the call last time, at what times he most often answers it, and even what is his shopping profile.


We design and implement advanced invoBOTS devices that performs the work of virtual helpers and assistants. invoBOTS will search for data, take over the process of customer services at the reception, or will help in finding the right product in the store, also providing additional information or booking a garage space. All this works only with invoBOTS, without involving any of your employees.

cost comparison*

* when implementing a new sales campaign in outbound traffic

employee cost

working daily

hourly efficiency


recruitment cost

breaks in hours


call center

5 USD / h

25 USD / h

24 H

8 H

100 %

up to 50%

0 H

20 - 50 H


1000 USD + / month

0 H

5 - 15 min/h

agent indisposition *

0 %

15 %

* being late, sick, vacation, other


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base tool price list

implementation costs with a contract of min. 3 months = 1 USD *


  • Unlimited outbound

  • You call whenever you want

  • Fast implementation

  • Auto-reporting

from 100 USD/m


  • 100% inbound services

  • Relieving sales

  • Up to 3h integration

  • No traffic queuing

from 160 USD/m


  • Voice learning

  • Auto-Sales speech

  • 1 day integration

  • Intelligent Analytics

from 1000 USD/m


  • Assistant in your company

  • Every call is picked up

  • Service after business hours

  • Full auto-reporting

from 75 USD/m

* the costs of implementing and using the license always depends on the level of advancement of the processes and the additional functions used

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